Whether you are owed a small orlarge amount, whether it's a single case or high volume, whether it'sB2B or B2C, the team here have a solution for you.

A webinar detailing the process of becoming involved in litigation abroad

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Learn about what steps are necessary for an investor to participate in a non-U.S. group action

Debt Collection & Recovery

With ever increasing customer acquisition costs, consumer demands, debt burdens, and the need for effective customer retention, Buckbeak offers to take your focus and anxiety off issues regarding debt recovery and put it back into the core business processes.

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Payment Processing & Validation

Using our payment processing and validation products, we can help you to speed up your processes, and enable you to proactively manage risk, prevent fraud and increase reward. Your potential and existing customers expect immediate access.

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Credit Risk Management

Data is a critical and strategic tool that powers business today. At Buckbeak, we have spent over 30 years refining our expertise in interpreting data, be it a credit bureau or a client's customer data, and leveraging it to create more valuable and profitable customer

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